2012 Puppies

This litter was born on September 21, 2012:  7  males and 3 females.

This photo shoot would be a lot better if you were wearing orange and holding a gun, and I got to have some pheasants.

Well I’ll say. Did you see that? I think there is a ball behind your back, just hiding.

Oh, I like this game. I stand like this and then I get a treat?

Coach says I’d make a great nose tackle someday – if I weren’t a puppy.

Aww look, now she’s got the other end of the chewie. Can I get down yet?

Yes, I understand you would like me to sit still for my close-up, but it appears to be dinner time down there.

Did someone say BIRD?

I think it’s my turn for a belly rub now.

I’m big-boned. What of it?

It’s a brave new world out there Bessie.

Nursing on Day 1

Puppy pile – 1 day old

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