The Rowdy Boys

These boys are PLAYFUL!  In puppy time, they spend hours romping together in the yard, though in human time it’s perhaps only 20 minutes before they get tuckered out and need a nap.   If they aren’t chewing on ears and nearby puppy limbs, they’re cuddled together sleeping.  Boys will be boys!

Now that they are 8 weeks old, they are starting to mellow out a bit and their personalities are really starting to shine through.  They are very sweet and like to nuzzle.  They love to follow us through the yard as if they are setting out on a grand adventure!  Oh boy, what is that over there?  A few big bounds across the grass, and they’ve discovered a stick to call their own!  Big excitement for a little pudgy puppy.

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Feeling a little uncertain about this whole sitting still thing.

Roly poly pudger.

Planning his escape.

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