The Little Ladies

At four weeks, the pups are barely sitting still for their portraits.  Their little noses get to sniffing, and they tumble and fall over as they lose their concentration.  We managed to snap some shots quick though!  These are our lovely girl pups.  They’ll have a “finer” look compared to the “boxier” boys.  The dam Jackie has a slender build, a fine muzzle, and a short coat — perfect for running through tall grasses in pursuit of those pheasants!

Now that they are 8 weeks old, their personalities are really starting to shine through.  We’ve got a shy girl who loves nothing more than to cuddle, while our adventurous gal holds her own with the boisterous boys.  They are all Gordons though, which means the puppie are all sweet-natured with gentle and loyal temperaments.   Their big brown eyes are just to die for!

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Hard to say if she's focusing on the camera -- or on not falling down.

Oh, what's that over there?

Happy little gal.

I spy, with my little puppy eyes...

Finally, she's looking straight ahead! We claim victory when we can.

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